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The beginning

Brynja Ingadóttir and Katrín Jónsdóttir are the founders of NúnaTrix – both have years of experience in the world of nursing which gives them the expertise to spot opportunities within the health care system where serious games might revolutionize processes.  

NúnaTrix is an innovative company that specializes in the design of serious games for health. Serious games are indeed „serious“ in that their main goals are to teach or empower their players but they are also designed to be fun and engaging and that is one of our goals at NúnaTrix.  


Serious games are built on a foundation of science where modules of medicine, psychology and computer science are coupled with design and technology. The resulting games can be used for education and empowerment, can fight anxiety and even lessen pain – some games have been prescribed by doctors like any other medicine. 

Games are a wonderful tool for learning since they can be more fun and engaging than text, players can be immersed in both the world within the game and also in the characters they play and encounter, mistakes have no real-life consequences so players are free to learn from their failures and games can change our brains – playing them can form new neural pathways so the lessons quite literally get ingrained in our minds! 


Katrín Jónsdóttir


Katrín has a long experience in clinical nursing in Iceland and Denmark and also an e extensive experience in educating patients in her work. She studied multi/interactive media in the Technical School of Iceland to better manage to combine patient education and digital tools in the best way! 

Brynja Ingadóttir


Brynja holds a PhD in nursing and wrote her doctorate thesis on the potential use of serious games in the education of patients. She developed a serious game focusing on the management of pain and the proper usage of pain medication. She is always on a stakeout for a new and better approach in teaching and educating patients. 

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